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 We provide a full range of grant writing services. We not only write grant proposals, we help you gather data, build your case, conduct grant research, and cultivate funders. When you get grants, we’ll help you maintain that financial support. Our work is guided by an innovative system that has proven success with all sizes of organizations and all types of causes. We work with you to devise and implement enduring solutions to any longstanding obstacles that are unique to your organization. 

Why Oshun Group?



  • You can trust that our grant-writing consultants stay up to date on the latest trends and changes in grant writing by attending multiple grant-writing conferences.
  • Your proposal will be formatted not only to follow all of the requirements set forth by the grant funder but also to be eye-catching for potential readers.

We've got you covered


 There's a reason you're applying for a grant: something needs to be fixed; a wrong needs to be righted. You have a story to tell and success depends on your ability to communicate. You just don't have the time. Or the experience. Or both. We fill in your resource gaps and write compelling grants quickly. 



 Successful proposal writing goes well beyond just completing an application form. Oshun Group work with clients to identify all their program, endowment, capital campaign and/or operational funding needs and then researches private and public funding sources to help meet those needs. We work with clients to introduce them to foundation and corporate funders prior to submitting a formal request – and to maintain relationships through long-term cultivation. 

Fundraising Assessment


Oshun Group assesses its clients’ current fundraising strategies and discusses ways to enhance and improve them. This includes conducting needs assessments; conducting capacity-building activities; incorporating or expanding a direct mail campaign; creating an endowment fund; adding a planned giving component; engaging the Board of Directors in more fundraising activities; and eliminating "shotgun" proposal writing and replacing it with a successful, more targeted, relationship-focused approach that results in better results and larger grants. 

501c3 Filing


 Guaranteed 501c3 services include: Form 1023, Form 1023-EZ, Financials, Incorporation, EIN or Tax ID#, Bylaws, State Tax Exemption, Charity Registration, Corporate Book & Seal, Policies, Foreign Registration, Fictitious Names (DBA) and State Annual Reports. 


Nonprofit Grant Services


Grant Documents

Funding Research: Let  Oshun Group 

  research potential funders for your nonprofit. This service is available on a specific or ongoing contractual basis.

Writing: Our experienced writers will compose all, or part, of your organization’s grant proposal. Review meetings will be included in the grant writing timetable.

Editing & Assembly: Hire Oshun Group  experts to edit your proposal before you submit it. Our independent perspective will pinpoint grammatical and spelling errors, as well as inconsistencies or assumptions that might be stumbling blocks for reviewers. Whether online submissions or hard copy, we will ensure that all required support documentation is included and referenced appropriately.

Grant Strategy

In our consulting capacity, Oshun Group first establishes whether potential clients are “grant ready” by walking them through an organizational evaluation process. Once engaged, we work closely with directors and development staff to determine the best use of their resources, identifying grant opportunities and suggesting supplemental strategies where warranted.

To further support our clients' overall fundraising success, we offer facilitated board retreats and workshops designed to build fund development plans that support their mission, vision, and strategic goals.

Grant Opportunities

To facilitate researching for grant opportunities, Oshun Group subscribes to a number of robust foundation databases, as well as e-newsletters that publish new RFPs and grant applications as they become available. Our staff is constantly checking grant openings and deadlines against our current client base, looking for the right fit.

Our own, in-house database is also a powerful resource. Developed over many years, it is always the first place we look for grant options whenever a client adds a new program or service. Based on this ongoing research, Oshun Group prepares detailed grants calendars tailored to each client's funding requirements, fiscal year, and budget.


Materials Review: You are telling your nonprofit’s story every day through your logo, brochure, mailings, and website. How often do you update them?

When submitting a grant proposal, it is crucial that the information you include is consistent with all organizational information that is accessible to the funder. Oshun Group will audit your current marketing materials, in conjunction with writing a grant proposal, and submit a report on any updating or improvements that need to be made in keeping with the proposal and your mission.


All documents regarding your organization will be treated confidentially by  Oshun Group personnel, both during and after the contracted period.


 Let Oshun Group handle all your grant writing and foundation research, so you can focus on your central purpose! 

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